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Our Story

Inspiration in Creation

Our Story:
One day in the early months of 2020 Amy Gordon and Sky Bradshaw sat in Sky's office chatting away, as friends do. Each was in a level of growth that asked them to come to the the table with "more!". The discussion zigged and zagged through updates of their lives, projects that they both found inspiration in, and finally to what it might be like to partner up on a project they both had only dared to dream about.

Oracle Healing Cards

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Our Story (con't)

Immediately they both were flushed full of energy and inspiration and The Art of Energy healing oracle deck set went from concept to creation. Before either of them knew it they found themselves knee deep in co-creating this amazing deck. Amy dove in to choosing art and writing poetry for pieces and Sky began writing the awarenesses and energy workbook. The door to creation energy were wide open! Then, like most, 2020 took full effect and that giant universal pause button was hit.

Since both believed that energy is in all things, and all things are energy AND both had trust and faith in the process they abided by the Universe Energy's urge to pause. They knew sometimes the road is wide open and clear, sometimes there is a speed bump to push over to get there, sometimes there is a stop sign at which you must pause, look both ways, and gather more info, and sometimes there is a detour. So they waited, until the cue to move forward was given.

Later that fall, at the same time, both Sky and Amy got pinged to start the project up again. Contacting a local printer and starting the hard work of laying out the design. It was wondrous!

By December 2020 the layout was complete and a kickstarter was created to fund the project! Within 24 hours the project was fully backed and by its closing had been funded 310%!!!

Then came the hard part- production. Choosing to work with small, local businesses can be a blessing and a challenge- especially in the time of COVID- but we made it work! In May of 2021 over 200 decks has been sold and shipped out!!!

The feedback was humbling! These cards are being used by healers for clients, in personal self-healing, at women's circles, and for the benefit of so many. It was an incredible feeling that their vision became a reality, especially when that vision included helping others.

Fast forward to today! The Art of Energy healing oracle deck set is in it's second printing and ready to help you! Are you ready for your set?

Meet The Co-Creators

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Amy Gordon is an abstract artist. Her work is inspired by intuition and is a translation of transition. Amy'sArtisan authentic articulation of the layers of life as it reflects and connects us soulfully to the human experience. Her paintings pose a perspective of past and present, as well as polarities between left and right, muted to light. Amy's Abstracts are about alchemizing on the inside the additives from the outside....channeling color, texture and open space- acrylics, oils, pastels are organically combined with her fingers to mix, sand, rub and scrub a piece of peace.
Her studies and experience include the Textile and Design school of NCSU, fabric designer for Geoffrey Beene, as well as her studies in London and San Francisco. Amy’s poetry in her paintings, yogic teachings and reiki give her diversity that is uncommon. Her work is featured in The Atrium in Charleston, Aqua in Miami, Romanoff Elements in New York, Paul Robinson Fine Art in Atlanta. Lucky Fish Gallery and Tyler White O'Brien Gallery premier her work locally, although Amy is an Independent Artist.

Instagram: AmyGordonArt

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Like most seekers, Sky Bradshaw began her journey into energy as a child. The story of her growth may sound familiar to most who have embarked on this path themselves. As an energetically sensitive and curious child in a world full of conventional expectations, she found herself taking the long road on a path home to soul self.

This course of direction really took flight in her early thirties when she went from ‘letting the path happen to her’ to becoming an active participant in spiritual wisdom seeking. Manbo, Spiritual Leader, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, teacher, and guide are just some of the energies she humbly holds within her. Grateful founder and facilitator of Love Church, originator of
The Grove Soul Healing, and vessel of the divine Sky believes: “As the one is strengthened, the sum is strengthened.”

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