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Art of Energy

healing oracle deck set

The Art of Energy

is a book and deck set of 70 abstract art, chakra aligned, oracle healing cards that come with an accompanying energy action handbook.

These cards use the seven-chakra system in conjunction with seven major human experiences. That means that each of the experiences (Boundaries, Deserving, Judgment, Compassion, Self-Love, Intuition, and Letting Go) are aligned with how they individually affect particular chakras. There are also 21 major Higher Arcana cards that relate to the seat of the soul and it’s impressions, which help encompass other need-to-knows. Each are aligned to see self-work that may be needed and give suggestions on ways to do that work. The book is meant to fortify the cards messages and guide the user into easy-to-incorporate activities, which help create growth and healing from within.

Understanding energy and its function is a fundamental step in also knowing and believing how it affects us. Energy is in all things and all things are energy. If we respect, connect, and allow the natural flow of the energies around us to be positive then they will do so. If we corrupt, control, and deter those energies then they will become stagnant and unproductive. Knowledge of the body’s natural flow process, the environments balance positioning, and the greater Universe’s patterns as well as the tools that can help you enhance those flows is a great way to stay connected to your highest good.

The Art of Energy healing oracle set is for everyone. If you have a soul then you have soul work! From someone just starting on their awareness path to the learned soul worker these cards have something timeless to offer for everyone.

A co-creation of Amy Gordon and Sky Bradshaw.

Suggested use:

These cards can be used in many ways.


  • You can pull a card each day to reveal a series of work that will help guide you through the inner-work you are doing.

  • You can use them as journaling prompts, helping direct your morning musings in a way to embrace self-discovery.

  • You can draw a card in times of struggle and reflect on it to help move you through a situation or challenge.

  • You can go to them when called and ask “what do I need to know in life right now?” Then work with what is given to you.

  • You can pull three cards. One representing the carnal soul, one representing the true self, and one representing the high self. Then create a deeper knowledge of the cycle journey you are one right now and what to look for and work on in that journey.

  • And much, much more.

This set can be useful no matter what your skillset. If you are just at the start of your self healing journey, or if you have been walking the path for years, these cards can be a valuable tool in doing the work. There is no ‘wrong way’ to engage with these cards and your healing itself. There is the long way, the direct route, and the seeking path. You will likely touch each of these through out your life many times. Do not judge that one is ‘more right’ or better than the others. Have faith you are exactly where you are meant to be when you are there.


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